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as Goldilocks says: ‘just right’.

Whew: Well in Civita!
What a whirlwind.
Adjustment and patterns ever changing!
My drawing is my refuge, my zone.
An Italian called me a 'buona turista' yesterday as I was drawing instead
of the other usual actions of tourists. My drawing stool is invaluable and
my pencil.

I am also adjusting to waking up and not having something scheduled. Today
is not a shopping day so I am having coffee and looking out my 'room with
a view' window, gentle breeze and not hot. I can see today may be the last
real hot day but I am scheduling a date with the 'Willa' muse today during
the heat of the day.

Shopping is huge here as I had been told many times. Dave, the other
fellow is seasoned and fluent in Italian and was a great tour guide

about confidence.

Lo Studio is comfortable and as Goldilocks says: 'just

Wednesday on our 3 hour shopping hike. Boot camp works here too. You can
only buy what you can carry; I did purchase a new shopping cart in town
which will be so helpful to future fellows visiting. I was hoping for
Italian red but instead baby blue.

I had a productive day Wednesday as I begin this drawing proposal, solving
the evocative and the depictive processes of drawing. 'Jury is still out.'
It is an 'everywhere you turn' place and I want to capture it all.

To my architect friends:
Ed Bacon, Kevin Lynch and Gordon Cullen must have been writing about this

There are some wonderful restaurants in town and a nice cafes too. Folks are
kind and look at me strangely when I speak Italian. Yikes...I think it is
all right'.

Yes, I miss home but this is so good for me; doing it myself,
mostly.(thank you, Dave). But not sure what the day may bring is a
wonderful thing. I look out into the valley beyond and I have never seen
anything like it; well back in '85 I did and I fell in love then too.

So, keep looking for posts; I'll be there and Willa too.

Write back soon. Connection is everything here and far. Church bells
ringing; time to sketch.

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