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Perception is everything.

sequence study, toward piazza
They say when you are gazing at stars at night you are to lay down flat on the ground and you will realize stars will be surrounding you; at your toes, at your head, left and right and of course, above.
It’s all about perspective.
Italy: look everywhere; behind, above, below, beyond; you get it.
Perception is everything.
As I begin to settle into this small neighborhood of Civita and Bagnoreggio, I am continued to be amazed of how much beauty is here. Alas, then to draw. As Professor Astra Zarina would say, “Not enough life times.”
Studio work is coming together and defining for me what to draw next vs. the alternate, as I ventured out my first few days in search of the first steps. There is great power in getting out into the field however, and use all of one’s senses.
As I draw more, I am beginning to easily memorize the paths and landmarks; Civita is more clear to me; at least what I know now.  I am a recording device of sorts; one with the hand and the heart.
Tony says they have fire flies here. I am definitely on the lookout.

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