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wise spirits

City of Ghosts
I do not believe in ghosts, however, I do believe in spirits. Spirits are everywhere; and yes, in they are in Civita too.
As I began my sketching session this morning, different spirits touched upon me.
Let me tell you the rules:
These spirits are those past and present. I think of them as the grand teachers that have touched my life up to now. As my pencil or paint brush dances along the page, words of wisdom and creativity flow: Tom, ’keep it simple’, Dawn, ‘always think in shape, Astra, ‘motive’.
The spirits flow in and out, moving me along. Importantly, the spirits continue to keep me present and inside my right brain.
Though Civita has reluctantly gained the nickname, ‘City of Ghosts’, I am certain Civita is a town of spirits; alive and wondrous.
Who will be meeting me next?

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