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la chiesa

Turning additional pages each day in the sketchbook is satisfying and also an accurate time teller; 2 weeks in Italy so far. Civita for me is reacquainting myself with an old friend. My visit with her is much more intimate this time; we are closer as a result.
The church interior is one I did not venture into last time in 1985; maybe closed… no time? The church is peaceful, memorable and spiritual. As I was sketching yesterday afternoon, the rain came in as did the town folk and tourists, to get refuge in the church; a true cleansing.
Each sketch offers new challenges as the spaces speak new conversations. 
I began to look beyond the city walls today; that landscape. 
Holy Cow! 

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  1. Hey Anita: just discovered this blog and will be checking back frequently (MWF anyway). Don't forget to sketch some farms for me.


    August 30, 2013
  2. will do Marco!

    August 31, 2013

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