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who am I?

Today’s goal was to draw in the style of….an artist.
Now, there are so many to choose; how do you choose?
Why would any artist try this exercise?
Here is what the day brought:
First, choose the artists. My choicesn were: Steven Holl, Astra Zarina and Sargent. What the heck? 
Steven Holl has donated quite a few books here in the Civita library, full of lucious watercolors, abstract concepts and simply composed.
Astra Zarina has mostly ink drawings on the walls in my apartment and Tony’s too; real beauties. 
I chose a pen and ink sketch of the Campodoglio. I only had a pencil to replicate. I plan on purchasing a fountain pen in Rome soon.
John Singer Sargent’s watercolors are amazing, fluent and carefree. I found his images on the web.
Astra has a lot in common with Victor Steinbrueck…hmmm… direct line and clear.
Steven…architectural, strength and simplicity and good warm up for any watercolor lesson.
Sargent is fluid and one that I aspire to in my quest in watercolor discipline. 
I will be seeing Venice for the first time next weekend!
Each artist is sending messages; they have ‘spine’ and as a result a directness in their representations. 
I discovered it is not about the media necessarily but getting inside the thought process of each artist.
Soon enough, my own line emerges and I take ‘the horse for a ride.’
Was the day successful?

Yes and no; but I did accomplish what I set to do and 
I have learned about three artists that I admire greatly. 
I recommend this process.
Why would any artist try this exercise?
Getting outside oneself; staying creative and thinking smart.

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