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My days are numbered here as I have only a few more before I leave for Northern hill towns. I must get out today and continue to catch more and more about this wondrous place, Civita.
Watching the many and I mean many tourists come through Civita each day, I marvel at the ease and amount of photographs being taken and constant. What strikes the tourist as an interesting, beautiful and memorable shot? Sometimes the photos contain the pose of the romantic couple by an enchanting stair, others are group shots at the Bar; enjoying time together sharing stories sipping wine and then there is the quick photo; better take that, not sure why. All good.
A photograph, a souvenir of sorts: ‘I was here and I can post on the Facebook, blog or a quick email home’. I have all those shots too. As I download these views in my
i-photo, I see they are endless. I scroll and I categorize and ask myself, ‘When did I take these?’
Now, my drawings, not endless. Memorable. 100 total;
meaningful and a grand record of my time here in Civita.
(I am preaching here.)
With each drawing, I can remember the exact moment in time and place for each of these views. I can remember what I was feeling. I can remember the weather. I remember the coffee taste and delicious wafts of scent from the nearby restaurants. I remember the wind blowing on my face. Those bells were ringing. I feel it all. I remember the challenge of drawing the view, replicating all the beauty and emotion contained in the view and simulated in a few pencil strokes. 
I remember the approach and the questions.
That moment lives in me.
I turn the numerous pages in the sketchbook and I say, ‘ I remember.’
A great souvenir, for sure.
I wonder if my photos will do the same?

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