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good teachers

Why draw?
This American, me; sketching, sitting inconspicuously
 on that indispensable (REI) stool and away.
Most folk walk around me; especially the ‘gruppi’, snapping pics and keeping the pace of the tour guide,
seeing the next great landmark. OK. Enough about ‘turisti.’
The Italians!

 Not unlike good teachers, they approach me, not too close, quiet for awhile and 
they offer kind words and direction. 
Always, their appreciation is evident with huge smiles.  
Drawing has become novelty,  plein air work is not so common anymore.
Here is the deal: I feel the Italians truly appreciate that their City/neighborhood or street is 
being studied, felt and documented with a drawn hand.
My big reward: connection.  I have conversation; I understand so much more than I can speak.  
We speak of the history or the architect or the artist or the color it used to be; all of that and more.  

As I was sketching Pantheon, I had a nice Italian gentleman tell me to “Stop!” 
He said the drawing was complete. 
I looked at the drawing and so it was.

Always appreciated; a good teacher.
Get out there. Meet your neighbors. Experience your surroundings and your City.

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