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scrambled eggs; why workshop?

08669-ahl686 (artist, Thor Evenson)

why workshop?

I was lucky to squeeze into a painting workshop this past weekend in watercolor and field sketching with Shari Blaukopf.

Two days out in the wilds of Seattle streets with a group of energetic and talented artists to learn from the master; see how it’s done through Shari’s eyes, hand and soul.

I paint, not everyday (though I should), and I came to the class with ideas about my painting talents and concepts clear; the ‘bright egg’.

Painting plein air is difficult; all your senses are on fire; clarity on one thought takes discipline and soon that bright egg becomes, alas, ‘scrambled eggs’.

Painting after painting feels like a failure; the wind picks up, your easel falls over; you run out of a certain paint color; it’s drying too fast; the light is changing. ugh.

After 2 days, coming home, everything is stirred, cooked and overdone.

Here is what I discovered:

1. your feet are on the ground; you are fully absorbed and that stays with you, once back in studio your senses come alive again, the experience of place is in your soul.

2. the gift: one is given the following opportunities: to re-evaluate, to re-start, to re-group, to re-view, to re-fresh, to re-enforce and to re-vive!

ready for studio; ready to paint.


3. ‘beate me’: lucky me, I am painting.


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  1. tmikeporter #

    Oh, you are or were on Lopez!? One of my favorite places. My father lived at 409 Center Rd the last 20 yrs of his life. I love the community there and since his passing I have not returned for 5 yrs. Time to go back. Shari B was/is there on a Hoffman workshop.

    July 18, 2014
    • a while back I was on Lopez; hopefully soon again!

      July 24, 2014

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