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gaining strength

just dandy_lehmann ED

‘Cross-training in sports and fitness refers to the combining of exercises to work various parts of the body. Often one particular activity works certain muscle groups, but not others; cross-training aims to eliminate this.’ (Wikipedia)


‘Jack of all trades; Master of many.’

Many folk ask me, after I tell them I work as an ‘artist’, “Oh, what media do you work in?”

A great question, for sure.

I answer,

“I almost work in everything, not really. Well, I love watercolor, pastel; graphite is one of my best.  Oh, there is my monotype work and I am delving into water-base oils currently. Did I mention sumi ink and acrylics?”

Holy Cow. Lately, I have been pondering the notion of ‘cross-training’ as a concept as I look back with my art this past year.

Perhaps, I am ‘combining  exercises to work various parts of the creative concept.’

I find design concepts that I wish to express are 

portrayed with a greater strength (muscle groups) depending on what I am feeling and what the work is about.

This determines the tool I place in my hand.

Expressive and emotive work requires me to cross-train: lifting heavier weights: (maybe, insert larger canvas here!)

How does this apply to the other arts?

Let me know your thoughts.

hmmm…maybe a new brush?


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