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studying a master, Mr. Diebenkorn (with shape and space)

first it begins with a sketch; familiarizing  oneself with a favorite subject; a bird, whatever,

Then, how do I go about addressing that that page? I can crop; good idea. Or, my challenge was to see how Richard Diebenkorn uses shape and therefore space. It became a ‘chicken and and egg’ concept; wondering which came first.

My thoughts:

Mr. D. is defining his subject based on the ground; so easily laying in form and not unlike Matisse; beautiful shape. I also paid close attention to the proportion of the page he utilized: golden section, almost! Key.

db2 db3 db4

Being Mr. D. for a time was so worthwhile; I gained some confidence in understanding of sketching the figure in space and the study certainly strengthened my new love of shape(s). He makes it look so easy!


And so, bringing it back to that ‘bird’.  Still trying to be Mr. D. (can’t help but be me, by the way); here are some studies or the bird in that proportional rectangle attempting beautiful figure/ground shapes, simplifying concept and ready to go back into studio to apply these new diagrams to paint; strengthen the concept and perhaps digging deeper and finding even more meaning.

Stay tuned.

shape1    shape2


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