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‘enough of that’

and so it goes.

As this process of learning about life/art one realizes, finally, that the editing process is key in all endeavors.

A bird or a bookshelf, there comes a time one has to ask, ‘how can I say this simply and wisely?’

‘Less is more’ is the common teaching that comes to mind. Even in my architectural design, I am (finally) pulling away from those additional scripted lines that don’t pertain and can certainly be eliminated.

Conversation can be edited as well; keeping it to oneself is most powerful.

As this bird went through transformation, I am also taking on the (earnest) role as supreme editor;

at least in my life and work; one in the same.

IMG_1618   IMG_1614   IMG_1669

ps: life lessons to be included in this process

alway be knolling

eliminate clutter

understand humanity

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