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AN ALPHABUGS coloring book: adventures in entomology



It’s here.

AN ALPHABUGS coloring  book:  adventures  in  entomology 

Order her:

“Bugs, Bugs, and More Bugs”…a fascinating sampling of the insect world, ranging from A through Z.

These thoroughly-researched illustrations of Alphabugs, has been reviewed for accuracy by a University Professor of Entomology.

Included are ant lions and bark beetles, japygids and katydids,

whirligig beetles and zebra swallowtails…and everything in between.

In short, something for everyone!


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  1. Elaine LaTourelle #

    How do we pay you?

    November 4, 2015
    • Good Morning Elaine:
      I have you down for two books. I will be sending out email to you next week with details. Check or charge is acceptable!
      They are looking great. Very excited. Will yo be at NAIUSI? I can bring your copies to you there.
      xo Anita

      November 5, 2015

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