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just getting started.

3 hours of work today, and I am just getting started.

I have had ‘snow’ on my mind lately, as the season is upon us. I am trying to find myself in the snow, an observer: sensing the sounds, the cold and beauty, (soon to be a participant on Christmas day!).

So, yes, these sketches are from my imagination; working with design elements of value, texture, line and composition. These studies have brought me to a next step; planning on some press studies and reaching toward a soft neutral pallet, Andrew Wyeth like.

Importantly, it took me to find dedicated time to work successfully. It does not happen on a whim; ‘it’s in the doing’ and comes about with hard work.

I look forward to the New Year; where my approach, will be as important as the doing.

Quiet, solitude, focus, awareness…authentic!

Happy New Year!


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