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let it snow

How would Wyeth do it?

After a bit of study and hints from Tom Hoffmann, I began the research of snow. (see previous blog:  just getting started). Spending more focused time, I began to look at Andrew Wyeth’s beautiful works; especially the palette and his evocative space. andrew_wyeth_snow_6.jpg

Pencil studies came next; beginning to understand notions of value; light and dark and composition.


Then it snowed; on the work, that is.

snow 2015_1

Then, how would I do it?

So there it is, so far. 3 hours of work today, and I am just getting started…


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  1. tmikeporter #

    Thanks for sharing, Anita. I can see the Hoffman influence in your work. I enjoyed the workshop I attended with him in 2014 here in Portland.

    January 4, 2016

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