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inside out

Totally enthralled by my visit last week;

surrounded by the energy Richard Diebenkorn’s sketchbook

show at the Cantor Art Center in Stanford.

Not surprised, early in his career he focused on Edward Hopper

paintings and emulated the work in his early 20’s.

So here I am, emulating Diebenkorn’s work;

turning the work inside out and investigating and

guessing his thought process, methods and media.


His use of space and shape, an expression all his own; so honest and ‘right there’. I sketched at the show inside my small sketchbook; his use of line, description of shape, composition and media technique. My conclusion was an understanding of his love of simply looking, representing the world with interesting shape and love of drawing.


On the plane ride home, I further looked at his still lives; found the composition dynamics as one’s eyes travel through the drawing page and contemplating that these are landscapes too; dynamic forms in perspective articulated by shape.


Addressing the page, with shape in a creative manner is key in R.D.’s work.

All beautiful shapes.

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