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talking fields


Talking Fields

February 10, 2018

Listen. The fields, they are talking. The trees. The mountains. The rivers. The wind. They’re all talking.

My time in the Skagit Valley has been remarkable and memorable. I have studied, sketched and painted this sacred landscape over the past 35 years. I have documented its rural agricultural communities which often contain the complex and seemingly contradictory natures of large cities; they straddle both the pastoral—the fertile earth, and the industrial—the grain silo, the railroad siding, and the warehouse.

A single line and a limited palette require the artist to tell the story of place with a crisp economy. Color, temperature, movement, and character are evoked in a few swift strokes. For me as an artist, the drawn line evokes the honest nature of a place, expressing—literally—weight, value, and tone and creates an awareness of the strength of the Skagit but also the importance to preserve what is here.

My show is at the Perry and Carlson Gallery in Mount Vernon until March 1.

Come see.

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