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Civita 2018: There is never, never enough time at this place.

Stroke: It’s simply a matter of putting the right colours in the right places and doing it well.

Touch: Touch can be tender, casual, tentative, bold, curved, straight, thick, thin, sensual, energetic, dramatic or violent.

Words: Design, pride, joy, grand, flourish, style, quality, work, play, confectionery.

Thoughts: Waiting for the right mood or inspiration is counterproductive. Inspiration comes from doing. Action is more valuable than thought.

Preparations: To take moments to scrape along the golden riffles of memory. To cruise present as well as old reference. To decide size and format. To make sure that the tools are ready to go and that supports and materials are readily at hand. To decide to pre-mix colours — or merely to squeeze. To raise or lower a daring blank canvas to its beginning height. To realize that all other artists, living and dead, are sitting right here beside me. To turn up the Mozart, to count blessings and to commit.

Regrets: There is never, never enough time at this place.

Easel Living (Robert Genn)


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