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hue, value + intensity





30 days. color. lessons learned. next.

color_30 copy

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  1. I’m enjoying your Beauty of Composition course and what a challenge! I’m reminded of how much I enjoyed design classes in college several decades ago! I’m very drawn to your painting style and had fun picking favorites from your work in this post ( can’t resist that). Cleaning my lush sets of old Grumbacher and new-ish Sennelier pastels on little leftover rolls of toilet paper is such fun! Did you use those bits in the photo to make these paintings? Since discovering that wrecked pastel paintings make good fodder for clear packing tape lifts (transfer learned from Carla Sonheim) I won’t worry about creating with them in anymore. Do you have an online class for pastels?

    July 7, 2019
    • I do not have a class for pastel thought I will be demonstrating some more with pastel in my next filming with Carla Sondheim, end of this Summer. My pastels are soft pastels, no oils. Thanks for contacting me. I am glad you are enjoying the processes.

      July 19, 2019
  2. Thank you, Anita! I am finally finishing the last lesson and amazed that I look at artworks differently now! I had to unplug for awhile in order to get caught up on housework. I’m so happy to be working on art again. Will post my lesson on the FB page tonight. I’m going to try a pastel version first.

    August 4, 2019

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