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Fall 2017 News


an award

Winning an award with the Alaska Watercolor Society recently is a great honor.

The best is that I send the ‘best of the best’; that which is from the heart.  This work of art, adagio, has an authenticity that I felt proud to exhibit.



clean slate


letting go; clearing the decks….



and a few more… + Happy Summer.

inspiration + influence


In order, starting top left to bottom right:

Tom Hoffmann, Catherine Gill, Alvaro Castegnet, Skip Lawrence, Barbara Fugate, Dawn Emerson, John Singer Sargent, Richard Diebenkorn, Andrew Wyeth…to name a few.

Grand teachers.












The joy I felt in studio yesterday and today was terrific; a process successful as I discover once again; ‘it’s in the doing.’

More discovery of color was certainly the objective but the spontaneity a monotype press can give you is surprising and freeing.


I will continue my color studies; still life next. Why aprons?

Well, I found a  beautiful and meaningful concept describing ‘women’s march’ which is happened in Seattle and worldwide.

Color is a powerful design element I am thoroughly enjoying. Check out that red!

More soon.



road trip


‘Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose’. (Charles Eames)

It was a road trip last week; arranging flowers in a painting; conceiving concept. As I worked the painting, I wasn’t too sure where I may be headed. I was ‘driving the car’ in a meandering direction; all seemed fine. Then, a wrong turn, over working concept even with subtle changes.

However, I charted my course and using my camera, I documented each step along the way. Because of my patient documentation, now I may begin again and set the vehicle on the right ‘fork in the road.’


this + that


that’s what I’m talking about…

The Depictive. The Evocative.

‘Painting what you do not see is no better or worse than painting what you do see.  The only sin here is to not allow yourself to explore all possible realities.  I often see paintings that while technically near perfect, are void of soul, personal expression, and creativity.’

Skip Lawrence  p1 depictive:evoactive_romewindow dialoguep4 depictive:evoactive_romewindow dialoguep2 depictive:evoactive_romewindow dialoguep 3 depictive:evoactive_romewindow dialogue

note to self

My sketchbooks: pages and pages; hand drawn thoughts about

drawing, teaching, design and whimsy.

Thoughts begin with an idea, a notion, described in visual line and written notes;

no pressure, just letting ideas flow: exploration of concepts and

confirming ideas with a pencil.

My skills stay sharp in all my fields of work;

a simple drawing clarifying my next steps in studio.

I plan to incorporate color next in my new sketchbook;

starting anew today. Stay tuned.




winner. NWWS 76th Annual International

‘Spirit of the Northwest Award’: First Snow.

so honored.

first snow copy.jpg