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it’s in the doing, it’s not about the applause.


‘Gathering Evidence’ as a title for my up coming show came easy for me. Being a visitor to another country this past Fall in Italy and France was such an amazing opportunity to do just that; gather. Whether on a train, catching a taxi or sitting in a wonderful cafe, one gathers and absorbs; enjoying a keen awareness of the magic around you.

image1 3

This experience is so valuable and yes, comes back ‘tenfold‘ to you in studio. Perhaps my show expresses this magic in bold ways, some subtle and personal too.


I was there and I remember.


gathering evidence, an art show


gathering evidence, a show

A remarkable travel journey of drawing + design.ArtShow_PeterMiller_f

Fall 2017 News


an award

Winning an award with the Alaska Watercolor Society recently is a great honor.

The best is that I send the ‘best of the best’; that which is from the heart.  This work of art, adagio, has an authenticity that I felt proud to exhibit.



clean slate


letting go; clearing the decks….



and a few more… + Happy Summer.

inspiration + influence


In order, starting top left to bottom right:

Tom Hoffmann, Catherine Gill, Alvaro Castegnet, Skip Lawrence, Barbara Fugate, Dawn Emerson, John Singer Sargent, Richard Diebenkorn, Andrew Wyeth…to name a few.

Grand teachers.












The joy I felt in studio yesterday and today was terrific; a process successful as I discover once again; ‘it’s in the doing.’

More discovery of color was certainly the objective but the spontaneity a monotype press can give you is surprising and freeing.


I will continue my color studies; still life next. Why aprons?

Well, I found a  beautiful and meaningful concept describing ‘women’s march’ which is happened in Seattle and worldwide.

Color is a powerful design element I am thoroughly enjoying. Check out that red!

More soon.



road trip


‘Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose’. (Charles Eames)

It was a road trip last week; arranging flowers in a painting; conceiving concept. As I worked the painting, I wasn’t too sure where I may be headed. I was ‘driving the car’ in a meandering direction; all seemed fine. Then, a wrong turn, over working concept even with subtle changes.

However, I charted my course and using my camera, I documented each step along the way. Because of my patient documentation, now I may begin again and set the vehicle on the right ‘fork in the road.’


this + that