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Save this date:
‘gathering evidence’
an art open 12/07/2017, first Thursday
@ Peter Miller Books.ArtShow_PeterMiller_fFall 2017 News


‘3 Italian Aprons’ accepted to the

Phinney Ridge Northwest Fine Arts Competition, Opening on May 12.


Spring Tides: accepted: NWWS 2017 Annual International Open Exhibition, Opening April 29.tides-sq


Save that date: I will be presenting a demo with Watercolor.
February 21, 2017. Do come and meet some fine folk too.
NWWS from 6:45 – 9:00 p.m., at St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church, 2650 148th Avenue SE, Bellevue, WA 98006.



KROB 2015 Delineation Competition: Finalist : Professional Hand.IMG_1690

About my new show: Intervals at Johnston Architects, Seattle, Washington

Intervals: urban/rural


When I see the landscape, I am always drawn toward the edges. These places of transition are not beautiful in a traditional sense; they are frequently places of work and utility. They are the approach roads to the important place, whether the large skies and vast expanses of eastern Washington, the waterfronts we hold dear, or the elaborate beauty of a big city. The edges are at the flank, occupying the center of attention only by accident and not very comfortably. At the approach roads, we only pass through on the way to somewhere else.

Along those edges, the agrarian and the utilitarian speak a similar vernacular, in architecture and in landscape. The viewer of “Urban/Rural” may see, as I do, the similarities among the works rather than some of the obvious differences. Rural agricultural communities often echo the complex and seemingly contradictory natures of large cities; they straddle both the pastoral—the fertile earth, and the industrial—the grain silo, the railroad siding, and the warehouse. Similarly, the spaces at the urban edge may often be those leftover places where nature creeps in: a wild garden growing in a disused parking lot, birds nesting in a shipping yard. In that way, “Urban/Rural” can be viewed as a contrapuntal exhibition, where two different melodies are sounded together; musical intervals present.

My natural tool is the pencil or the crayon; the single line and the limited palette require the artist to tell the story of that place with a crisp economy. Color, temperature, movement, and character are evoked in a few, swift strokes. For me as an architect and illustrator, the drawn line evokes the honest nature of a place, expressing—literally—weight, value, and tone. These media—the pencil and the crayon—capture the loose realism of the edge places which then dissolves toward abstraction.IMG_1575


lehmann_next steps

check out this fun! This is my work in the show.


Finalist in the NWWS: It’s a winner

This painting has been accepted into the Northwest Watercolor Society’s 75th International Open Exhibition to be held July 1 – September 30, 2015 at the Washington State Convention Center (WSCC).


‘lo studio’ was accepted into the Phinney Northwest Fine Arts Competition; opening in October 2014.

lo studio

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this publication available here

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