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Gathering Evidence and Discovering Intention


a good read. Pleased to have written this article on my precess and thinking and graciously asked by Skip Lawrence.

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‘Westbound’ Q + A

A follow-up to your question to me on Saturday at Carlsons’ Gallery — who is your favorite artist (did you say, Diebenkorn?) and why?



‘As we discussed, it is so hard to pick a favorite. Diebenkorn always remains in my training in the top 5. His studies are evocative and one can feel the powerful and intentional stroke and movement of the artist across the canvas.

His creative, keen eye with composition and design are always evident; especially with positive and negative space; each equally important. I have copied this artist and fall inside his process each time I understand more and more and see these lessons are expressed in my work.’

IMG_7420  IMG_7794

…also curious about your procedure. Do you begin with a photo or a view outdoors or another image, or do you complete a painting and then find a name for it (as in expressionist abstraction)?


‘A view outdoors (‘driving through paintings’), field sketching and then photograph to start. The sketchbook is the essential tool of the artist; where the powerful notions and feeling about the space become so evident. As a matter of fact, that is what one does when they are ‘plein air’: gathering evidence.’ The photograph is an initial guide of remembering. Choosing the appropriate drawing/painting tool in studio is key. Then, I consider the design elements and which may take priority: shape, value, color, texture, line, edges, space etc. ‘Names’ come early in the process; usually in the beginning. I usually have music in the studio too. (a bit loud). Every painting is an abstract; even one that may be more depictive. It is a pendulum; all depends on the thoughts, feelings and intention swirling around me in studio.’

Anyway, I greatly enjoyed looking at your work — I spent a quiet hour at the gallery on Sunday. I’ll let you know when the review appears and send you a link.

‘Thanks Stephen. I really appreciate your time and energy.

Warmly, Anita’
+ stay tuned. ‘Westbound’ is open until 03/31/2019.
here is Stephen Hunter’s review: Cascadia Weekly

just getting started.

3 hours of work today, and I am just getting started.

I have had ‘snow’ on my mind lately, as the season is upon us. I am trying to find myself in the snow, an observer: sensing the sounds, the cold and beauty, (soon to be a participant on Christmas day!).

So, yes, these sketches are from my imagination; working with design elements of value, texture, line and composition. These studies have brought me to a next step; planning on some press studies and reaching toward a soft neutral pallet, Andrew Wyeth like.

Importantly, it took me to find dedicated time to work successfully. It does not happen on a whim; ‘it’s in the doing’ and comes about with hard work.

I look forward to the New Year; where my approach, will be as important as the doing.

Quiet, solitude, focus, awareness…authentic!

Happy New Year!


design, design and more design

Working with a subject that I found in two different locations; one on Highway 20 near Gold bar, the other in the amazing (up and coming) small town of Tieton, Wa. A discovery of these disparate parts; creating a process that kept carrying me through an enjoyable process. Where I began, where I ended had to do with working the key design elements, the tools of the artist.

Shape: pattern, form, mass, object, subject matter

Value: light and dark, tone and tint

Space: the illusion of three dimensional depth and two dimensional flatness

Edges: blurred and sharp, lost and found

Color: hue, intensity, temperature

Texture: surface variation

Line: mark making, drawing

And as I worked, design principles became the organizing aesthetic ideas that guided my use of elements in a work of art:

Dominance: emphasis, focal point

Movement: rhythm, direction, gesture, transition, intervals

Variety: contrast, conflict, tension, size

Unity: harmony, balance

By no means is this process scripted. However, my ‘final’ outcomes did get me where I wanted to land.

Your thoughts?

IMG_1606 IMG_1607 IMG_1608 IMG_1763  IMG_1913 IMG_2262




‘enough of that’

and so it goes.

As this process of learning about life/art one realizes, finally, that the editing process is key in all endeavors.

A bird or a bookshelf, there comes a time one has to ask, ‘how can I say this simply and wisely?’

‘Less is more’ is the common teaching that comes to mind. Even in my architectural design, I am (finally) pulling away from those additional scripted lines that don’t pertain and can certainly be eliminated.

Conversation can be edited as well; keeping it to oneself is most powerful.

As this bird went through transformation, I am also taking on the (earnest) role as supreme editor;

at least in my life and work; one in the same.

IMG_1618   IMG_1614   IMG_1669

ps: life lessons to be included in this process

alway be knolling

eliminate clutter

understand humanity

it’s complicated.

Getting ready for an up-coming show: ‘passages‘.

This afternoon was all about letting the ideas come out on paper; all the evocative notions flowing.

No toil, just flow; the way it should be.

Simplification and execution next, stay tuned.

Scan 1 Scan 3Scan 5 Scan 7 Scan 9 Scan 10 Scan 11 Scan 12 Scan 13

at tieton 10 x 10 show; opens August 8.

lehmann_next steps

check out this fun!