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3 Summer Gatherings

Open House + Demo
Connect with the world and experience life.
rsvp. CivitaOpenHouseDemo_f

it’s in the doing, it’s not about the applause.


‘Gathering Evidence’ as a title for my up coming show came easy for me. Being a visitor to another country this past Fall in Italy and France was such an amazing opportunity to do just that; gather. Whether on a train, catching a taxi or sitting in a wonderful cafe, one gathers and absorbs; enjoying a keen awareness of the magic around you.

image1 3

This experience is so valuable and yes, comes back ‘tenfold‘ to you in studio. Perhaps my show expresses this magic in bold ways, some subtle and personal too.


I was there and I remember.


this + that



Finishing up on a show, and saying so long to a few friends.

I am saying good-bye to a few friends from my show; these two selected paintings have me reminissing about my time in studio creating this art; falling into a flow; with time standing still; demonstration of authentic work.

Heart and soul; love and passion and simply remembering.

Lehman_Anita 02

in position.  18 x 18 mixed media

Lehman_Anita 01

rome apartment.  18 x 18 mixed media

A book celebration.